Sushi Bowl

I love sushi probably more than Mexican food and Chocolate. I honestly have always loved sushi but had stopped eating it due to a cross contamination and my throat getting all itchy. Once you have a horrible experience with food you kind of stay clear of it for a while. Well it was 2 years later when at a Vegan Festival here in RVA that I finally caved and had a Sushi roll, and that was all she wrote. I have been working on my rolls but sometimes you don’t want put everything together, so you just throw it in a bowl. Easy Right!

Ingredients 1 serving

1 1/3 cup Sticky Rice

1/2 cucumber, Julienned

1/2 carrot, Julienned

1/2 pepper, Julienned

1 Tablespoon Sesame seeds

1 sheet seaweed paper or 5 snack size sheets

Sriracha Mayo


Other options: Edamame, beets, avocado, anything you like in your sushi.


Step 1: Use a pair of scissors and cut the seaweed into little squares. Mix some of the squares into the rice and use the others to sprinkle on top.

Step 2: Put the Rice, cucumbers, carrots and peppers in a bowl arranged how you would like.

Step 3: Top with the rest of seaweed, sesame seeds and then Mayo and wasabi


It really is that easy and such a great lunch!






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