Unicorn Smoothie

I told myself I would not cave into the Unicorn uproar, but I did. It still amazes me how unocorns became so colorful. They we all white, they were the animal of purity. Do you believe that they did or do exist? I believe that they did, just like I believe drangons existed too. But anyways the smoothie right????


Ingredients serves 1

Pink smoothie

1 baked apple (frozen) or 1 frozen banana

6-8 strawberries, hulled

1/2 cup dairy free vanilla yogurt

1/4 cup ice

Blue swirls

1/4 cup dairy free yogurt

1/2 teaspoon blur spirulina



Step 1: place all smoothie ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Step 2: while smoothie is blending mix yogurt and spirulina in a separate bowl. Mix until color is even.

Step 3: transfer into a condiment bottle, piping bag with small tip or ziplock bag with small whole in corner.

Step 4: in a clear cup add your blue marks as desired.

Step 5: pour in pink smoothie and top with what ever you like, fruit, whipped topping and sprinkles.





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