Hello Beautiful people,

My name is Calluna, I am a mom, wife, daughter, friend, yogi and hippy at heart. I have eaten an animal free/cruelty free diet since October 2014 and a Gluten Free/Nut Free diet since January of 2017. I also was diagnosed with a Chronic Illness in 2014 as well. With this illness if I eat too much sodium it can really hurt me. This started my new love of eating more whole foods and less processed food.

I also have a lot of food allergies that i try to avoid and they are…

Fish/shellfish, pineapple, figs, dates, avocado, kiwi, oranges, papaya, bananas, blackberries, and raspberries. I cook avoiding these foods and finding substitutions for them.

I started this website to post some of the recipes that I have altered to my needs and wanted to share with you.